Password Lock WatchKit App

WatchKit is Apple’s new framework and related technologies that allow you to create apps for the Apple Watch, released along with Xcode 6.2.

In this WatchKit tutorial, you’ll create your first WatchKit app with Swift. Specifically, you’ll take a Password Lock app, and make a Watch app that goes along with it.

Today we will develop a One Password like passcode lock screen app for the apple watch as shown below:

Password Lock Interface

Getting started

Open Xcode and create a new project by choosing the Single View Application template. Choose iPhone under “Devices”. Choose Swift as main language. Continue reading “Password Lock WatchKit App”

Hello World – First Swift iOS App

For those that don’t know, it is very common to have the first program written by somebody learning a new language be one that somehow displays “Hello World!”  At least according to Wikipedia.  Now, of course the simplest form of this in Swift 1.2 or less is just:

println("Hello World!")

But we’ll do something a bit more advanced than that.  You don’t often (or ever) see a console on your iOS device, so that doesn’t help us make an app directly. Continue reading “Hello World – First Swift iOS App”

Welcome to SwiftyOS !


Hey folks! I’m proud to present you my new blog SwiftyOS.

Hope you like it!

Now that I can spend more time to focus on this blog, I’d like to keep my promises and write with continuity.
SwiftyOS hosts my tutorials about iOS, OS X using Apple’s new Swift Language. All the source code will be available on Github, linked within the article itself.

So, Thank you for being here!

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